Property Feature Photos are high-quality, architectural photographs that can be used to supplement and enhance your 360° Virtual Tour by highlighting specific and unique areas of your business. This could be any feature that someone may find interesting or useful about or pertinent to your business.

All Feature Photos receive post-shoot, digital image processing to create high-resolution HD photographs that stand out and are easily suitable for use in other areas of your marketing efforts.

Suggested Feature Photos For Your Property

These are general suggestions on what to have photographed to complement your virtual tour

  • Hours of Operation (if posted)
  • Close-up of business card (if applicable)
  • A photo taken from the main entrance looking into the business
  • A photo taken from the back of the business looking towards the main entrance
  • Interior/Exterior architectural features
  • Attractive features such as products/merchandise, table settings, business decor, etc.
  • Endorsements / Awards
  • Artifacts such as sculptures, portraits, paintings, unusual patterns, etc.
  • Food shots if you are a restaurant