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JB Shope Consulting TrustedProBadge English Landscape PYou are contracting directly with Visual Properties 360, a certified "Google Trusted Photographer" located in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Capital Region who performs the on-site photography session and subsequent virtual tour processing according to Google's established criteria and standards.

Floor Plans
Floor Plans
Floor Plans
Floor Plans
$489 $639 $789 $939
5 to 9 360° Spheres 10 to 14 360° Spheres 15 to 19 360° Spheres 20 to 24 360° Spheres
Up to 3
Feature Photos *optional
Up to 6
Feature Photos *optional
Up to 9
Feature Photos *optional
Up to 12
Feature Photos *optional
1 to 2
Hours On-Location
2 to 3
Hours On-Location
 3 to 4
Hours On-Location
Hours On-Location


* Pricing is provided as an estimate only. The cost is invidually determined based on your input and goals, the complexity of your floorplan, and if Feature Photos or Custom Tour Functionality is requested.
* Feature Photos and Custom Tour Functionality ARE NOT REQUIRED for publishing your business to Google Street View!

"It takes a significant amount of time and planning to make a high-quality Google "Street View" 360° photoshoot happen successfully."

To present your business at it's very best, attention to staging  on the day of the shoot is a must! The 360° Tour Camera will capture the entire room from floor to ceiling in every shot. Whatever is visible from the camera's viewpoint will be captured in the final 360° Sphere of that point.

About the "Street View" 360° Spheres:

Each individual location in the business tour requires 12 individual photos shot in a circle with a special lens and camera equipment to make one complete 360° "Sphere". Your tour may need 5-24 or more of these 360 Spheres to cover your property as desired.

All of the 360° photos are then processed by the Trusted Photographer to build a complete 360° Virtual Tour of your business.

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  • The locations of the first three "360° Spheres" of your virtual tour are highly suggested. These locations include one spot 10 feet and one spot 4 feet directly outside your main business entrance, and one spot 4 feet directly inside your main business entrance, so plan accordingly when staging. More tour locations may be suggested if your business has an entrance with architectural features such as a foyer/vestibule, hallway, sharp turns, etc.
  • To insure a smooth tour the distance between any two 360° Sphere locations should be 3 feet to 10 feet apart for the best quality.
  • There must be an unobstructed, and clearly "walkable" path between connected 360° Spheres.
  • Doorways and connections between internal spaces and also between indoor/outdoor areas of your business should have a 360° Sphere within 4 feet of either side of the transition point.
  • All faces, license plates, and personal/private information in each 360° Sphere  are manually identified by the photographer and blurred out for privacy reasons during post-processing and prior to publishing on Google's network.


Optional "Feature Photos" Of Your Business:

These are high-quality, professional photographs that are taken to supplement and enhance your 360° "See inside" virtual tour by highlighting specific and unique areas of your business. This could be anything that someone may find useful about or pertinent to your business.

Read More About "Feature Photos" Of Your Property

Important Licensing Information:

As part of your investment, you are granted licensing rights to use the resulting images in all of your personal, creative, business, and marketing efforts.

You are also agreeing to grant use of the resulting images to Google for use in representing your business across its services.